Due to a breakdown in her marriage, Alice and her children were rehoused from Bicester to Banbury
She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has had trouble maintaining employment as a result


Alice and her family used to live in Bicester. She worked in child care, and her children went to the local school.

However, her life took a turn for the worse. Due to a breakdown in marriage, Alice lost her entitlement to her previous accommodation- she and her children had to move to Banbury. She got diagnosed with cancer and had trouble maintaining employment as a result.





"Alice has had a series of unfortunate events that have led to her having to leave her home" - Francesca Rogers (Support Worker)



The mother of two wants her children to experience as little as possible of the stress she is burdening. Alice wanted them to start a new life and leave behind their bad experiences. Despite working hard to allow her children to have a better life, Alice has reached a point where she has done everything she can. She tried to maintain employment and has been engaging with Aspire for support.


Nonetheless, her new accommodation is empty, and with her Universal Credit income, she cannot afford vital furnishing.


You can ensure Alice’s children live the life she envisioned for them.




Target: £1390

Savings Goal: Essential Furnishing




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