Amber was involved in a car accident that fractured her spine, causing her to be unable to work.
Due to a delay in her Universal Credit  payment, she has now developed rent arrears that are preventing her from downsizing to a more affordable flat. Trapping her in a vicious cycle that threatens to leave her homeless.

Amber was working as a smoking cessation advisor, helping others manage their dependencies. Since being placed by the council 10 years ago, her 2-bedroom social tenancy flat has become increasingly expensive through both rent and the bedroom tax. She has always wanted to downsize to a more appropriately sized 1 bedroom property, but has never received from the council to do so.

She was injured badly in a car accident, causing her to be unable to work whilst she recovers from a fractured spine, and has faced delays to her Universal Credit and Housing Costs payments due to the Job Centre applying for the wrong benefit on her behalf.

As a result of all this, Amber has accumulated arrears that now threatens to leave her homeless, even after she has sunk her savings and advance Universal Credit payment into paying them off.

This has in turn, ironically, locked her out of the housing market, making it impossible her to downsize to a more affordable property.



"Statutory sick pay has put her in financial hardship...Prior to her accident she has worked and successfully managed her rent from her wage." - Jessica Rush (Support Worker)

Amber is now on the mend and is looking forward to attending the Oxford City College for a course in nursing once she recovers and the financial pressure is relieved.

Your support will allow her to make an offer of a lump sum arrears payment, along with some of her own money, to bring her arrears below 8 weeks, so that she can secure a downsize to an affordable one bedroom property and get back on her own two feet.




Target: £1160

Savings Goal: Rent Arrears




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