Catherine initially came to England fleeing violence in Kenya several years ago.
She worked in as a teaching assistant for a few years, but eventually became homeless in Oxford.

Catherine was victim to an unfortunately familiar story. She had been employed as a teaching assistant after moving to the UK fleeing violence in Kenya. She got a job and was starting to settle down into her new life in Britain.

However, her relationship turned abusive and over time this led her to develop alcohol abuse issues and severe depression. This went on for a few years before she eventually became homeless and was sleeping on the streets of Oxford.

"Catherine is now working 6 hours a week at Aspire and making great progress. She needs your support to stay on this positive path."
- Tom, Catherine's Support worker

Catherine fought to get herself better and was able to secure a place to live at a social housing development in Oxford. She has been completely abstinent from alcohol and had started volunteering at Aspire some months ago. However, the development that Catherine is living in will soon be closing and due to the arrears she had built up whilst she was not in control of her finances has meant that she is ineligible for housing support with the district council.

This means that she faces the very real possibility of having to go back out on the streets again.


Catherine has done such a great job at Aspire that she has been hired to work there part-time while she receives training in British Sign Language, Parenting and will look to continue taking on other courses in order to become a support worker in the future.


She needs your help to pay off her arrears so that she can qualify for tenancy with the council and continue to move away from homelessness.

Catherine is just starting to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Help her make her way there.



Target: £930

Savings Goal: Rent Arrears




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