For Charities

Our service has been co-designed with charities (and people who are homeless). We’ve built it to be as useful as possible to you and with the following problems in mind.

Funding is requiredVery often, support workers can see how an individual could be supported out of homelessness, but they can’t make it a reality because they don’t have the necessary funds in place to help someone leave homelessness behind for good.

Time is preciousOften, there are funds support workers can apply to. However, they normally take a long time to fill in, time that could be spent supporting people. On top of that, the likelihood of acceptance is low. If you are accepted, reporting requirements can be onerous.

Rapid action is vitalOften people are in urgent situations. Urgent situations require rapid solutions. However, many sources of funding can take months, by that time it’s often too late. 

Red tape prevents solutionsEveryone is different, as are their circumstances and goals. That’s why some people need funding for quite unique purposes. However, funders are often prescriptive about what they will and will not fund.

Our Offer

We provide funding
We partner with services that offer high quality support to people. When funding is unavailable for someone, but required to help them move forward, we aim to be that missing piece. 

We avoid wasting people’s timeWe clearly explain to support workers what we will and will not fund so that they understand when it’s worth submitting a referral. That’s why we’re able to accept and fund 90% of referrals. We need to measure our impact, but we’ve designed our reporting form to take less than 10 minutes per person.

Fast ResponseWe’ve created an urgent fund for when people need a quick response. If things are urgent we’re able to send money within a week of the support worker applying.

A Personalised ApproachWe’re strong believers in working on a person by person basis and empowering people so that they can move out of homelessness. That’s why you can apply for any funding goal that is likely to help the person in the long term. It’s an approach that is working: 87.5% of the homeless people we support are able to move out of homelessness.