"Gary has worked really hard and he has come a really long way. He got himself clean from drugs over a year ago and has since gotten himself into a temporary house share and full time employment as a contractor
He just needs a bit more of a boost to help him stabilise his situation and really secure his life"
- Tom (St Pancras Church)

Gary had been a substance user for over 20 years. He developed an addiction as he was coming out of school and fell further and further over time.


He had a son with his then-girlfriend, but their relationship fell apart and as he saw his son less and less frequently, his substance abuse issues became worse; resulting in a vicious cycle that left Gary homeless and without a job.


Over the course of 20 years, Gary tried going through several detox programmes, but failed each time and he came close to taking his own life more than once.



"The church was the only place I could feel relaxed. The first conversation I had with Tom, was the first normal conversation I had had with another person in decades."

After Gary found a friend and a support network in the Church, he decided to go through a detox programme and has been completely clean for 15 months now.


He has secured a temporary house share with 3 others and is now working as a contractor doing bricklaying work around Chichester. This is a fairly stable situation but he has found it difficult to have his son over, due to the accommodation being a house-share, and he often has to rely on borrowing tools from others during work.


In order for Gary to take the next big step in his life and progress further away from homelessness, he needs your help to get hand tools and a passport. He is working hard to save up for a rent deposit on his own. Further funding for basic furnishing in his new place would allow him to move in sooner and stabilize his situation faster.


Gary's dream is work hard, save up and to have his son around to stay with him for a longer period of time, with a small room to call his own one day.


Target: £2320

Savings Goal: Tools, Furnishing and Passport




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