Target: £1160

Savings Goal: Rent Arrears

Helen is a 31 year old mother of 5 young children. Due to a miscalculation of her benefits, Helen and her family developed rent arrears and are now facing a repossession order on their family home

Helen's youngest child has health problems and has had some periods of hospital stays due to respiratory problems. Her partner is currently in prison and because of her children's young age and needs, Helen is unable to work.


The family have found themselves in financial difficulty after receiving miscalculated benefits. Having fallen into rent arrears and they have now been issued with a repossession order on their family home.

After engaging with support from Aspire, the family are now claiming the correct benefits and Helen’s partner will get the support he needs on release from prison to retrain and gain permanent employment.

Helen is also working with Aspire to support her into permanent work in the retail industry once her youngest child is in nursery and is completing education and training courses to help her to be work ready in the interim period.


Your generous donation will help this young family avoid eviction and the repossession of their home.




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