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Double Donation

Ian's campaign is donation matched. Once he reached his target of £300, a generous  sponsor  donated an additional £300 to Ian's plan.

Savings goal: Housing bills

I’ve been living in Oxford for over 30 years. I’ve struggled to build up savings as Oxford is an expensive city and I’ve only been able to secure temp work for employment agencies since I was made redundant as a mail sorter. In January this year I was working in a warehouse but I had an accident – which was not my fault – which resulted in a broken ankle and multiple fractures. This accident left me housebound and unable to work.


Upon leaving hospital, I signed on for universal credit to try and pay the bills. However, there was a delay in this being set up. This has left me behind on my rent. I am living a frugal lifestyle and have been using foodbanks since February. However, Oxford is an extremely expensive city to live in and I really can’t afford to pay off this rent while I’m on Universal credit. My inability to pay the bills means my support worker and I are worried about the risk of homelessness. I unfortunately have no family which means I’ve got no one to fall back on.


I’m still unable to work but I’m attending physio so I can recover and get back to work as quickly as possible. My Universal credit is covering my monthly expenses but I need help to pay the bills I built up before my Universal credit started. I want to get back to being independent and self-sufficient but unfortunately that is not possible right now - I’ve realised I need some help. It’s been a bad few months but I know things will get better in the end. I’d be really grateful to anyone who can help me get through this tricky time.




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