Jurata was all set to move into a flat that would be sustainable for her, having saved up half the rent deposit amount herself and a council grant making up the other half.
But at the last minute, the grant was stripped from her because she had found gainful employment and was no longer eligible.

Jurata started building her life in England 15 years ago and was working as a carer for the elderly. She met her partner a few years after that and they moved in together, eventually getting married.

Unfortunately, the relationship turned abusive. After 3 years, Jurata escaped the situation for her own safety but quickly found herself homeless and rough sleeping. She lost her job and was struggling to keep herself alive.


"I had no support and found myself
trying to find food and somewhere to sleep and stay safe on a daily basis to survive"

An opportunity to get back on her own two feet arose when Jurata started working with Aspire Oxford to get into supported housing. This allowed her to start her life again. She was supported into getting a new job, where she is now working, and she has been volunteering with the charities that helped her back from homelessness and all the complexities that surround such an experience.

She had already found a privately rented apartment that she would have been able to afford on her salary and had saved up half the rental amount to secure the place. Unfortunately, due to an improvement in her employment situation, she was deemed to no longer qualify for a council grant for the other half of the rent.

This suddenly opened up Jurata to the very real possibility of falling back into rough sleeping and losing everything she has worked so hard to get. 

In light of the absolute urgency of the situation, Greater Change has put up the amount of money required upfront and Jurata is now in her new place and has gotten back into full time employment at a restaurant.

We would not have been able to do this without your support and will not be able to do that again without raising the amount committed to Jurata. Please give generously to help further enable our work.



Target: £550

Savings Goal: Rent Deposit




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