Phil was an in-house truck driver who was made redundant 7 years ago. That, along with a series of traumatic experiences resulted in him becoming homeless and coming close to taking his own life on numerous occasions. 

Phil had been working as a truck driver and had developed a number of skills over the years. He was not given the opportunity to formalise his achievements in the form of courses or licenses and never saw the need to as he was working with an employer he trusted.

However, he was made redundant 7 years ago and shortly after, both his father and his mother died. He was already in a financially precarious position due to his unemployment and the death of his parents caused him to sink further into his mental health issues.

Phil lost his flat shortly after and he abruptly left everything behind, going missing from his friends and family. It was during this time that he tried to take his own life, multiple times, and at one point had a noose around his neck before pulling himself away.


"I was taken to a place under the mental health act and there, I started getting better"

Phil is feeling much more positive now and is working get his life back. He has been organising his life with the help of aspire and getting the support he needs from various organisations.

He is now temporarily living in a hostel with Mind, a mental health charity, and is keen to get back into work. But to do so, he will need your help securing licenses and certificates for the skills that he is confident he has.


Your money, will help Phil put his life back together. Please give generously.



Target: £930

Savings Goal: Counter Balance and Reach Truck License




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