Meeting The Team #1: Mary Parsons

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Meeting the Team is a series of Q&As with the team behind Greater Change. Get to know the people working hard to keep this platform going, with serious questions about their motivations and experiences, and silly questions about where their thoughts wander on a long tube ride...

First up in this new series is Mary Parsons - Partnerships Liaison. Mary works with the different services our clients use, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation groups and the police, as well as keeping in touch with our clients and supporting them in their journeys. As someone who has lived experience of homelessness, she also speaks for Greater Change at different events, sharing the impact that we hope to bring.

Describe your Greater Change journey.

My journey with Greater Change began when I was told that Greater Change could help me get a place to live by helping raise money for a deposit, I had a bio on the website and I got my money within 2 weeks and then I found my loft. A while after, Alex (founder) rang me one day and asked me if I would be interested in coming for a interview, I met Jon (Chief Operating Officer) and Alex on the interview. I was worried as I did not think I would get the job - who would employ an ex-drug addict? But Alex and Jon made me feel very comfortable and accepted me for who I was and 2 weeks after the interview I was told I had got the job! My heart was in my throat and a few weeks after that I began working for Greater Change, I love what I do and I love working as a team. Everyday is different and I'm grateful.

What is the greatest thing you’ve achieved whilst working at Greater Change?

The greatest thing I've achieved whilst working for Greater Change is going to London to speak at a large event about homelessness, and talking about Greater Change. Who would think an ex-drug addict speaking to Lord John Shipley!

What surprised you the most about working for Greater Change?

The thing that surprised me the most about working for Greater Change is all the tech and working so well as a team and that we can change people's lives for the better.

What do you think when you’re alone on the tube?

What do I think when I'm alone on the tube? I hope I'm on the right one! Hahaha or I think about what vibe to listen to next on my earphones.

Share a memory that makes you smile.

Alex helping me to see that I could do the tube by myself and showing me how to use the oyster card.

One fun fact!

My boyfriend is teaching me to cruise on a skateboard!




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