Meeting the Team #5: Linette Chan

Updated: Apr 6

Meeting the Team is a series of Q&As with the team behind Greater Change. Get to know the people working hard to keep this platform going, with serious questions about their motivations and experiences, and silly questions about where their thoughts wander on a long tube ride...

The word on everyone's mind right now - coronavirus. The spread of COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways, but homeless individuals are amongst the most vulnerable. Being on the streets, often lacking adequate food and water, wreaks havoc on immune systems. On top of this, homeless people often have nowhere safe to self-isolate, and now they run the risk of being turned away from shelters.

Many of the people we're partnering with have pre-existing health issues, or young dependents. Want to know more about how Greater Change is helping them? Click here!

The team member of the day, Linette Chan, couldn't resist inserting a mini shoutout to our 'Give' page, betraying her role as Marketing Assistant. She's in charge of running Greater Change's day-to-day social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and this blog!

Describe your Greater Change journey.

While in Oxford, I volunteered with The Gatehouse, a drop-in cafe for the homeless, and had heard of Greater Change through the grapevine. The idea seemed sound to me - I’d known so many individuals with potential, determination and grit lose opportunities due to financial barriers in their lives. When I graduated and left the city last summer, I wanted to find a way to contribute, since I couldn’t be on the ground anymore, and the intern position seemed like a great way to stay connected while learning more about what goes on behind the scenes of a nonprofit startup!

What is the greatest thing you’ve achieved whilst working at Greater Change?

I do the small stuff, so I wouldn’t say I’ve any grand achievements! If anything, I’m most glad when I’m able to spotlight a story in a way that lets people connect to the human behind it.

What surprised you the most about working for Greater Change?

How small and dynamic the team is.

What do you think about when you’re alone on the tube?

That article that found that the air on the Northern is so bad one should be wearing a N95 mask on it…

Share a memory that makes you smile.

Sometime during my last few weeks in Oxford, I ran into a guy on the streets who I’d met while volunteering in a night shelter, and had chatted with a few times since then. He told me all about his new life - he’d gotten a place in a housing scheme off the back of the shelter and was doing so much better. He bought me a coffee and we spoke for more than an hour. He was so proud of this role reversal, since I used to be the one buying the coffee!

One fun fact!

I'm a ridiculously big fan of this malted chocolate drink called Milo, to the extent that I have asked multiple friends to bring it to me all the way from Singapore.




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