Mission Report #2: Greater Change on the Radio

Updated: Mar 2

Mission Reports are write-ups of any events, celebrations, or fundraisers that we hold. We don't want any of our supporters to miss out on the fun!

Last week, BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey featured Greater Change on the radio about our contactless donation terminals in local stores and outlets in Crawley.

Pedestrians were asked about their thoughts on the contactless donations, and many said that they support it, citing reasons such as the increased reliability of giving to a charity rather than to an individual, and that they often don't carry change.

Mary, our Partnerships Liaison, was interviewed regarding her experiences. Mary spoke about how she was sofa surfing, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and how difficult it was to maintain her recovery while she wasn't in stable housing.

With Greater Change, her 'game changer' was the personalised service she was given, with a support worker and the Greater Change team working directly with her to set her goals, fundraise, and help her achieve her goals. She's now in her own lovely flat, having raised her deposit with the help of the Greater Change platform.

Jon, our COO, was also interviewed, discussing his views on the future of homelessness services and how donations will change in a cashless future.

He mentioned the financial barriers facing people trying to get out of homelessness, whether these be long-term debt, rent arrears, lack of ID or certifications for jobs, or rent deposits. These make it near impossible for an individual in a difficult situation to raise the required amount of money alone. Greater Change directs 100% of donations to the individuals we work with, helping to overcome these obstacles.

In another section, Jon spoke about the balance between different ways of giving, and how Greater Change's model fits into the wider view of homelessness. While gestures such as buying a coffee or some food for people on the streets are certainly helpful, there is also huge potential to enact long term change by working with individuals who are ready and eager to take the next step and get out of homelessness.

According to a 2019 evaluation of our work, 87.5% of the people who we worked with stayed out of homelessness. With your help and support, we're excited to continue partnering with people and seeing their lives transformed!

Thank you to BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey for giving us the opportunity to share about Greater Change on their platform. We hope you enjoy listening!




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