"I had a very difficult upbringing and I have faced lots of problems throughout my life. I went on to gain professional qualifications and have spent a lot of my adult life as a working adult.
I have been used to maintaining my own property until I was involved in substances. I have worked hard to get to where I am today but without stable accommodation, I feel that I cannot progress further."
- Shane

Shane was a professional scaffolder, plasterer and scaffolder. He faced a challenging period in his life, involving substance abuse, causing him to lose his home. Shane has since been working on his recovery relentlessly and has managed to stay abstinent for over two years.


Despite all the hard work, Shane has dedicated to recovering; he still faces extreme obstacles. He has limited access to local services due to local connection requirements placed on support services, and he frequently has to sofa surf with active users of substances to avoid rough sleeping. Due to his inability to access local routes of support, he is stuck with no real options.


Without stable accommodation, everything he has worked so hard for is at risk.



"Shane would like to get back into employment but is finding it impossible to progress without stable accommodation" - Nikki Aitchison (Shane's Support Worker)


Shane is incredibly grateful for the support he has received so far. To give something back to the services that have supported him, he is currently using his professional skills to volunteer at Aspire, and Emmaus. Your donation would enable Shane to leave his past behind, allowing him to contribute to society in a meaningful way.


To Shane, your support represents hope for some normalcy after an incredibly turbulent period in his life.




Target: £1390

Savings Goal: Rent Deposit




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