Alleviating homelessness through empowerment

We believe in communities coming together, to help empower people to reach their potential.

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Our Impact

Each year we publish our Impact Report highlighting key areas of our work and our rigorous methodology.

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Empathetic & Efficient Giving

Donate directly to those facing homelessness to help them overcome impossible financial barriers to moving forward with their lives. With Greater Change, you can be sure your money contributes to someone’s personal goal and see its positive impact through our client updates.

Lasting Impact

Your financial support directly builds our clients’ financial resilience beyond the initial financial barriers to leaving homelessness behind. 70% of people we support have moved on from homelessness, remaining in stable housing. 

Integrated Personalised Support

We partner with existing services to integrate your donations into our clients’ support plans. We respect the aspirations of our clients by maintaining their trusted relationships with key workers at our partner charities.

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Our values


Empathy is at the heart of our personalised giving model. When a client is able to share their story, donors gain a nuanced understanding of homelessness. This helps build compassion and empathy for their specific goal.


We understand trust is essential for Greater Change to work. We work closely with experienced support services and charity partners so clients can trust us with their story, and our donors can trust that their money is directly helping those most in need


We believe a Greater Change is made when you respect the aspirations, autonomy and determination of people, by offering dignified financial assistance. We host client stories on our platform and provide updates to donors with respect for their privacy.

Lasting Change

We go beyond crowdfunding to ensure all Greater Change financial support is integrated into a wider support plan. Our clients are best-prepared to achieve their long-term goals and a lasting change in their lives beyond homelessness.

Together we can make a greater change.

Meet Our Team

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Alex McCallion
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Mary Parsons
Partnership Liaison
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Jonathan Tan
Co-Founder & CEO
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Rohini Jain
Head of Marketing
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Jason McMahon
Head of Business Development
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Nailah Muhammad
Marketing and Design Intern

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image of founder and friends
image of founder and friends

Our Founding Story

Whilst at university, our founders Alex and Jon were struck by the scale and complexity of the issue of homelessness beyond the sheer evidence of rough sleeping they saw across their city. As volunteers with local homelessness charities in Oxford, they spoke to a huge number of service users and support workers who all highlighted the same issue:

Impossible financial barriers are preventing individuals from making lasting steps out of homelessness.

To overcome the lack of safe savings-means for homeless individuals, and to create access to the donor community for the ‘hidden homeless’, Alex and Jon created Greater Change; an empathy-driven, online giving platform to work closely alongside the expertise of local support services.