We've helped over 500 people out of homelessness

We've doubled our impact every year we've been operating. Each year we publish an Impact Report highlighting key areas of our work and our rigorous methodology. See our latest report here:

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We helped 126 people in 2020, and in 2022 we aim to bring 220 people out of homelessness. With your help we can keep our trajectory going, and support people to overcome the financial barriers standing between them and their aspirations


Here are some highlights from 2021

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69% of our clients moved into permanent housing or sustained stable housing in 2020/21.

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51% of our clients were from BAME backgrounds. In comparison, 31% of all statutorily homeless in England are from BAME backgrounds

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We supported 126 people who were experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless throughout 2020/21

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In 2020/21, we unlocked £19,198 in potential average cost savings per person.

Our Impact

Each year we publish an impact report highlighting key areas of our work and our rigorous methodology. Read them here:
Dale and son

Dale's Story

“My son can visit again”

Thank you so much for giving me deposit money for my room, it’s amazing not sleeping in a tent and actually feeling like life is worth living now, I get to have my son over as I have a lovely landlady who knows all about my past and is still giving me a chance! I have started a college course so hopefully will have a job soon after. Thank you again you have no idea how much this means to people like me in my situation. Thank you for giving me my dignity back and giving me a chance to live! Thank you again