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We tackle homelessness by giving cash directly to those who need it most. Set up a monthly donation so we never run out of funding.

Corporate partnerships change lives forever

Your funding will provide the funding homeless people need to make the steps to beat addictons, set up their own home and start a career.

£31.9 Million
Saved for councils
Of our clients moved into permanent housing or sustained stable housing in 2022/23

Work with us

Our corporate partners provide vital financial and in-kind support for our clients and we need increased corporate support now more than ever. As a Corporate Funding Partner, you can make a real impact and be part of our special initiatives, pilot projects, and client campaigns or support Greater Change to grow its services more widely across the UK. We are growing rapidly and expanding into more areas and need your help. Covid, the housing crisis and refugees from the war in Ukraine have increased the need for support for homelessness charities even further.

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  • Become a funding partner

    Provide direct financial support to fund our core projects and individual client campaigns.

  • Lunch and Learn sessions

    Challenge employees' unconscious bias and perceptions of homelessness vs the truth ‘visual & hidden’. Listen to a short insight into the escalating housing crisis, and the effect homelessness or risk of homelessness has on mental health, which we are all touched by.

  • Staff Fundraising

    From nominating us as your Charity of the Year to organising internal fundraising events, there are lots of ways that you can help and every pound raised will help to change a life.

  • Staff Volunteering

    As a Corporate Partner to Greater Change, we want your staff to have an opportunity to volunteer and there are lots of ways to get involved. Whatever role you choose, you will make a real difference in the life of someone in need.

Please get in touch by emailing:

Oliver Walsh, Growth Manager

Grant and Philanthropic Funders

Philanthropy and grant funding have been crucial in enabling Greater Change to grow into the organisation it is today. The generosity of grant and philanthropic funders has helped us bring over 900 individuals out of homelessness for good and to scale Greater Change, which now operates in multiple local authorities.

Yet with over 300,000 individuals who are homeless in the UK today, the problem and need for our solution is bigger than ever. COVID and the cost of living crisis have contributed to a major increase in homelessness in the past few years and the support services in place are increasingly stretched. Many are overwhelmed.

Over the past few years we have developed a proven model that tackles homelessness effectively, relieves the burden on stretched services and saves the government millions of pounds every year.

We are now at a key stage of our growth. Greater Change aims to help 1500 individuals out of homelessness in the next 2 years and 40,000 by 2033. By 2033 we will have scaled significantly and have a platform from which to influence policy change and to help end homelessness for good. Your help and expertise is more needed and would be more impactful than ever.

Please get in touch by emailing:

Jonathan Tan, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Morrish
Chief Executive of LandAid

When talking about the crisis of homelessness, it can be easy sometimes to forget that we are talking not just about statistics, but about the lives, the hopes, the dreams and the ambitions of countless individual people.

Greater Change’s approach makes such oversights impossible. It is a tried and tested way of connecting people who can and want to give, to people who need financial help. And it works.

At LandAid, we try to support initiatives that have an evidence base to them – it's one of the reasons we champion the End it with Evidence campaign – so we’re delighted to have partnered with Greater Change to provide funds for individual donations to young people facing homelessness. And thanks to Greater Change’s robust methodology, we’re confident that these funds will have an immediate, direct and powerful impact on the lives of the people we’re here to help.


For several years I have been interested in how direct cash transfers can help those struggling with the challenges of homelessness. I had many questions - who? how? when? impact? - and when I came across Greater Change, I found a committed group of people who had asked and answered these questions.

Greater Change reaches those in need through existing partner networks, so there’s no duplication of effort. They have shown that direct cash transfers can have a really positive impact on recipients' circumstances, and they’re committed to an evidence based approach that will ultimately help change perception and public policy.

Having looked at Greater Change’s operations, governance, plans and ambitions, I have made a significant donation to the Greater Change Foundation to help advance their work, to provide direct cash transfer funding, and to encourage other donations through matched funding.

Fundraising Ideas

One of our kind supporters arranged a sponsored skydive for a number of his friends. For every £ donated to their campaign, those participating agreed to match it.

A team in the office of one of our corporate partners arranged an office-wide cycling competition, in which they raised money from friends, family and colleagues based on the number of miles they cycled

A number of our supporters arranged a sponsored sleep out. They slept outside in the winter in just a sleeping bag for a night in order to both raise money for Greater Change and raise awareness about the dangerous conditions facing rough sleepers in winter.

Please get in touch by emailing:

Oliver, Growth Manager

Dale and son

Dale's Story

“My son can visit again”
"Thank you so much for giving me deposit money for my room, it’s amazing not sleeping in a tent and feeling like life is worth living now, I get to have my son over as I have a lovely landlady who knows all about my past and is still giving me a chance! I have started a college course so hopefully will have a job soon after. Thank you again you have no idea how much this means to people like me in my situation. Thank you for giving me my dignity back and giving me a chance to live! Thank you again."
Image of Vanda

Vanda's Story

“Being homeless was a terrible time, I just remember feeling terrified.” Vanda managed to leave the streets but had a relapse which put her home at risk. However, Greater Change was able to pay off her rent arrears. “Now every time I come home, I say hello beautiful home, I am home! When I lock that door, I know that I’m safe.”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
image of Natalie

Natalie's Story

When Natalie started fundraising with Greater Change, she had finished rehab after several years of drug addiction. She needed money for further training to get back into paid employment and to ensure she could pay her housing bills. With our help, Natalie could get the training she needed to secure her job. With paid employment, Nathalie is no longer at risk of homelessness and has been able to successfully move on with life.
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