Let's end homelessness for good

Meet Nicky

Nicky is a 48 year old father who wants to get back into employment. He would like to complete a Level 2 Plumbing course to be able to secure an apprenticeship.

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Meet Alex

Alex became homeless and depressed when the business he co-ran in London became redundant. He lost everything but is now starting to rebuild. He needs your help to fund an Anti Money Laundering course, to obtain a ICA certificate in KYC & CDD, to be able to gain employment.

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Think about the last time you saw someone who was homeless. Did you want to help but felt unable to? That’s why we built Greater Change.

1. Partner charities refer homeless people to us

Our partners work with homeless people and provide all the non-financial support they need. When people just need a bit of a financial boost to overcome homelessness, that’s when people are referred to Greater Change.

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2. Meet someone who needs your help

There are many homeless people who need your support. With Greater Change, you are able to meet the people and learn about their challenges and goals. In addition, you as a donor can see how the donation will be used to fund clear, measurable, and proven steps.

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3. Make an one-off or monthly payment

100% of your donation goes towards the homeless person’s goal. We have a personalised approach so people can save for whatever they need, examples include rent deposits or skills courses.

4. Get notified about the beneficiary

If you decide to support someone in the GreaterChange community, you will be notified if your beneficiary reaches their goal. We aim to provide donors an update on how someone is doing after achieving their target.

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