Everyone deserves a place to call home

Together, we provide the vital steps to give people a home, start a career and connect with families again

"Not just a one-off charitable donation, but an investment in a person’s future." - The Guardian

Our Impact

people supported
saved for local and central government
Over 69%
of people have been housed
Over 54%
of people have been employed
Mel and baby
Mel & Lilly

After a midwife identified that Mel’s home was not suitable to bring a newborn baby home to, Greater Change provided Mel, who was already 28 weeks pregnant, with funding to cover the rent and money for furnishings for a new flat which was a safe, stable and comfortable environment to complete her pregnancy and bring her baby home to. “I felt like I was in a dungeon.I was at the pit of the dungeon but now I feel like I’m out, not fully out, but out and I can see the sunlight and I can feel the grass at the top and everything, so now I’m much better.”

Verity and baby
Verity & Charlie

Verity and her baby Charlie were living with her partner and his parents. She had no support network and felt that she had lost her independence so needed Greater Change’s help to secure her own tenancy for herself and Charlie. “I’ve learnt so many more skills. Thank you so much for donating, Greater Change has helped me a lot.”

Just £3 a month can change a life.

Think about the last time you saw someone who was homeless. Did you want to help but felt unable to? That’s why we built Greater Change.

We focus on keeping people out of homelessness long term by working directly with people experiencing homelessness and their support workers, working towards specific goals that might be small to some people, but are lifechanging to them, like training for a new career, deposit for a flat, or just a new washine machine. You can follow your beneficiary as they work towards their goal

Partner charities refer homeless people to us

Our partners work with homeless people and provide all the non-financial support they need. When people just need a bit of a financial boost to overcome homelessness, that’s when people are referred to Greater Change.

Meet someone who needs your help

There are many homeless people who need your support. With Greater Change, you are able to meet the people and learn about their challenges and goals. In addition, you as a donor can see how the donation will be used to fund clear, measurable, and proven steps.

Make an one-off or monthly payment

100% of your donation goes towards the homeless person’s goal. We have a personalised approach so people can save for whatever they need, examples include rent deposits or skills courses.

Get notified about the beneficiary

If you decide to support someone in the GreaterChange community, you will be notified if your beneficiary reaches their goal. We aim to provide donors an update on how someone is doing after achieving their target.

Live Campaigns

image of heather
GOAL: £500

Heather is unable to access her financial share of the home she jointly owns with her husband. Her name is on the deed of their marital home and as a result is not eligible to access housing benefit to cover the rent at her new home, leaving her financially stuck without any means to keep her tenancy.

Donate to Heather