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Join our team and help make a difference

In the last 5 years, Greater Change has grown into a leading social enterprise, building a unique programme of support that has helped over 900 people leave homelessness behind for good.

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NOV 2017

Ran a successful crowdfund to pilot Greater Change

Pilot begins, incubated by Oxford University Innovation and Aspire Oxfordshire, Point of Light award from the Prime Minister


Greater Change officially launches and incorporates its CIC and Charity, 25 people supported in total since GC started

Successfully adapt the model to support people during covid, Over 100 people supported in total since GC started


Agreed on multiple contracts with the government, enabling us to generate significant revenues, and investment rounds to support the next phase of our growth

Now over 900 people supported in total since GC started and rapidly increasing


Our revenues are rapidly growing, we've won a collection of awards with one from the Prime Minister and a host of corporate partners, including:

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Learn more about our corporate partnerships here

Our Impact

We fundraise for what the person needs
Greater Change takes a referral
We buy the item for the person directly
The person moves forward, and should they choose to, updates donors on how the money helped them.
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We've helped over 900 people out of homelessness

We've doubled our impact every year we've been operating. Each year we publish an Impact Report highlighting key areas of our work, using our rigorous methodology.

86% of our clients moved into permanent housing or sustained stable housing in 2022/23.

51% of our clients were from BAME backgrounds. In comparison, 31% of all statutorily homeless in England are from BAME backgrounds.

In 2022/23, we unlocked £35,177 in potential average cost savings per person.

Together we can make a greater change.

Open Positions

Join us and be part of scaling an innovative social enterprise, that has already proven itself to have transformative impact.

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