Greater Change Receives Coverage In The US

Apr 11, 2024
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We provide personalised cash grants to help people out of homelessness for good

It costs Greater Change just £1,300 to help an individual out of homelessness.
This saves the public purse over £29,000 per annum. A return of over 20x

The innovative solution Greater Change provides has been covered by Mike Senecal for American financial news website You can find the article here and read an excerpt below.

By giving no-strings-attached cash directly to those who need it most, Greater Change replaces the strictures of conditional assistance with support that respects the humanity and agency of the recipient. Greater Change has helped more than 900 people out of homelessness since 2018.

“Society tends to blame individuals who are homeless for becoming homeless and then give them no autonomy at all in the way to move out,” said Oliver Walsh, Growth Manager at Greater Change. “We trust that they know what they need.”

It’s a deceptively simple concept only if you assume that homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless need a lot of hand-holding. To be sure, Greater Change works with selected referrals from experienced charities, but those individuals are in the mainstream when it comes to homelessness in the UK.

That said, clients also receive wraparound support from the charities working with them. Greater Change could have frontline social workers, but it chooses to work with charities that have been doing it for decades.

“People who are homeless often say they feel like a parcel passed between different services with no control,” Walsh said. “We build on social workers’ existing relationships with their clients.”

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