Change one life a year today with our matched donation promise.

This matching will automatically be applied for any monthly donation started before 30th June 2024.

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The goal is to provide assistance to 430 Clients


Why £36?

Your £36/month donation, when gift aided and matched by our donor, allows you to transform the life of one individual we support every single year for under £9/week. 

Where is my money going?

100% of this money will go directly to the campaigns of the individuals we support.

Some of these campaigns are published on the website, however others aren’t due to case urgency, security concerns or a lack of complete comfort on behalf of the individual being supported.

Every month, you will receive a newsletter updating you on the impact your donations are having including case studies of individuals we’ve supported.

Dale and son

Dale's Story

“My son can visit again”
"Thank you so much for giving me deposit money for my room, it’s amazing not sleeping in a tent and feeling like life is worth living now, I get to have my son over as I have a lovely landlady who knows all about my past and is still giving me a chance! I have started a college course so hopefully will have a job soon after. Thank you again you have no idea how much this means to people like me in my situation. Thank you for giving me my dignity back and giving me a chance to live! Thank you again."
Image of Vanda

Vanda's Story

“Being homeless was a terrible time, I just remember feeling terrified.” Vanda managed to leave the streets but had a relapse which put her home at risk. However, Greater Change was able to pay off her rent arrears. “Now every time I come home, I say hello beautiful home, I am home! When I lock that door, I know that I’m safe.”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
image of Natalie

Natalie's Story

When Natalie started fundraising with Greater Change, she had finished rehab after several years of drug addiction. She needed money for further training to get back into paid employment and to ensure she could pay her housing bills. With our help, Natalie could get the training she needed to secure her job. With paid employment, Nathalie is no longer at risk of homelessness and has been able to successfully move on with life.

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Oliver, Growth Manager

In December 2023 we first launched the matched donation promise. Our donor Anthony generously pledged to match all monthly donations of £36 or above, up to £3,600 per month in total, for 24 months. 100 people quickly signed up and together they will give a new life to 200 people who are homeless across 2 years.

Liz and Paul saw the success of the programme and have kindly extended it. Their matching will be applied to all monthly donations of £36 or above, up to £4150 per month in total, for 24 months. Together, this is the equivalent of 115 more monthly donations of £36 and will support 230 more people who are homeless across the 2 years.

Together, the matched donation promise will give a new life to 430 people who are homeless.


For several years I have been interested in how direct cash transfers can help those struggling with the challenges of homelessness. I had many questions - who? how? when? impact? - and when I came across Greater Change, I found a committed group of people who had asked and answered these questions.

Greater Change reaches those in need through existing partner networks, so there’s no duplication of effort. They have shown that direct cash transfers can have a really positive impact on recipients' circumstances, and they’re committed to an evidence based approach that will ultimately help change perception and public policy.

Having looked at Greater Change’s operations, governance, plans and ambitions, I have made a significant donation to the Greater Change Foundation to help advance their work, to provide direct cash transfer funding, and to encourage other donations through matched funding.


I am always impressed by fresh minds being brought to bear on old and intractable problems.  This is what Jonathan and Alex brought to the issue of homelessness when they founded the Greater Change organisation.

I was happy to support the growth of Greater Change in the past, and now that the  Foundation has built up a large network of charity partners it’s time to ramp up the resources available to provide personalised budgets for homeless people who can take advantage of such help.

To that end I have offered to provide matched funding for up to 100 monthly subscriptions of £36 over 2 years, which together we hope will give a new life to as many as 200 homeless people.

The Greater Change team have already demonstrated their commitment and effectiveness and fully deserve as much support as you feel able to provide.