Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is no longer a nice to have, it is necessary to remain successful in businesses. Employees want to work for businesses that focus on CSR and customers will not buy from businesses that don’t.
Customers*84% say they seek out responsible products wherever possible.

Attracting the best talent:Over half of potential employees will not work for a company that doesn’t have strong social or environmental commitments. (2016 - Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study)
Employee Motivation -74% of employees feel their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social or environmental issues.

Option to ring, or get a call back, or email. 90% of the time, we’ll get back to you in 24hrs. Okay I’m interested but what should I put in the email, if you’d like to request some more info, or to have a coffee/call please get in touch: Big CTA asking people to get in touch, opens email window. 

Our offer 
Involving employeesWe offer many different ways for employees to get involved, for example company-wide days of service or skills based volunteering on specific projects eg. helping with marketing, finance, technology, strategy etc. We also offer ways to engage employees so that they can get a better understanding of their impact, for example through lunch and learns, talks or company events. 

Clear and Effective outcomesWe’re able to show exactly how many homeless people were funded, what was funded for each person and what the outcome was. On average 87.5% of people we support leave homelessness behind and 100% of those at immediate risk of homelessness avoid becoming homeless. We can also create a bespoke impact report, like this one, so your company can gain a better understanding of it’s impact.

Flexible givingWe work with companies in lots of different ways. Some companies like to fund the savings goals of people on greater change, some like to fund specific projects to help Greater Change develop and some like to offer funding so that Greater Change can offer its service in their area. We’re open to all approaches. 

Innovative and New ApproachWe’re innovative, forward looking and do things differently. This helps us change the world for the better, and we want to work with companies that share our values. 

CTA asking people to get in touch, opens a sheet where they can fill in their name, email and then either a message or a phone number. Message: 90% of the time, we’ll get back to you in 24hrs.

*First two points: (2016 - Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study)
Third point: (The 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR study)