Ending homelessness and
saving councils money

Greater change is a non profit that saves councils money by helping people stay out of homelessness for good

clients helped
£3.6 Million
Saved for councils

Work with us

Greater change works directly with councils, providing funding for your clients to make steps to a more stable life. These often include deposit for a flat, training for a career, or just the essentials for living like furniture. We also give the community an easy and safe way to donate through our cutting edge technology platform. Donors can give to a specific person to help them achieve their goals.

We do all the leg work setting everything up. All we need from councils is basic information about the client.

Through our funding, we have saved councils over £3.6 million in costs associated with housing clients, while giving them a personalised, empathetic and effective route out of homelessness. We help every client regardless of background and have a 100% success rate at preventing the causes of homelessness to begin with.

“Oxford City Council are delighted to be renewing their relationship with Greater Change in 2022/23. The impact of Greater change is clear to see for the Council. Not only have previous funding awards been more than matched by Greater Change’s fundraising model, they provide meaningful data on how people have been supported to resolve or prevent homelessness.”
Paul Wilding, Rough Sleeping & Single Homeless Manager
Oxford City Council
  • Spend less time on admin

    Your support team can spend more time providing support without spending a lot of time doing onerous reporting. Our reporting is designed to be quick and painless while remaining effective and empathetic.

  • Fill gaps with super flexible funding

    Our funding is designed to be flexible enough to help every homeless person, regardless of their problems and needs.This lets us help even the most entrenched clients and get them past the barriers to a stable permanent home. Saving resources for councils that can in turn benefit even more people.

  • Prevention is as important as the cure

    When support is needed urgently we can provide immediate support without the red tape, helping people at risk of homelessness before it becomes a problem.

We charge a small fee for councils to cover our costs. However we guarantee our services will raise and distribute more than this cost and that you will be satisfied with the service. If you aren't we will refund the cost.

Please get in touch by emailing:

Jason McMahon, Head of Business Development

Of our clients moved into permanant housing or sustained stable housing in 2020/21
Dale and son

Dale's Story

“My son can visit again”

Thank you so much for giving me deposit money for my room, it’s amazing not sleeping in a tent and actually feeling like life is worth living now, I get to have my son over as I have a lovely landlady who knows all about my past and is still giving me a chance! I have started a college course so hopefully will have a job soon after. Thank you again you have no idea how much this means to people like me in my situation. Thank you for giving me my dignity back and giving me a chance to live! Thank you again