For Councils

We’ve worked with many councils and understand all the work they do to help those who are homeless. We also understand that there are challenges to offering any effective service.

New TechnologyCouncils are working hard to utilise new technologies to help those who are homeless. However, it can be expensive and time consuming for councils to create and implement new technology. 

Utilising Public GenerosityMembers of the local community often want to help those who are homeless. It can be difficult to provide effective channels for donating and also to explain the benefits of these channels, over other forms of giving. 

Helping People from Different BackgroundsCouncils want to do what they can to help everyone, but where some groups have no recourse to public funds, it can be very difficult to provide support. 

Helping people move forwardEveryone is different, as are their circumstances and goals, it can be challenging to provide a flexible, fast funding system, that enables everyone to move forward. 

Homeless PreventionPreventing homelessness helps people avoid a very difficult and often traumatic experience. It can also be an effective way to reduce homelessness, because issues can be harder to resolve once people have lost their accommodation. However, often it is difficult to intervene at the critical time, or sometimes councils aren’t able to provide the assistance required to stop someone being homeless. 

Our solutions 

We provide and implement cutting edge technology across different platforms. All the technology we provide and implement is out of the box, ready to go, including: Website, mobile app, contactless giving technology. 

Great Public EngagementWe provide an easy, effective and transparent way for members of the community to support those who are homeless.

An Open approachWe’re able to support everyone, regardless of background or recourse to public funds. 

A Personalised ApproachWe’re strong believers in working on a person by person basis and empowering people so that they can move out of homelessness. It’s an approach that is working: 87.5% of the homeless people we support are able to move out of homelessness. 

An Effective ApproachWe would much rather people never had to go through homelessness. Furthermore, early intervention can often be much more effective. For those at immediate risk of homelessness, we’ve been able to help people avoid homelessness in 100% of cases. 

Greater Change is a non profit service, we charge a small fee to councils to cover our costs. We’re sure our service is worth more than the cost, in fact, we guarantee it is. We guarantee we will raise and distribute more than the contract cost and that you will be satisfied with the service we offer. If not, we will provide a refund. 

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with our Head of Business Development, Jason McMahon, at